How do I know if this program is right for me?

Stepping into abundance requires us to let go of our limiting patterns and surrender what we are wishing for. If you know there is a more fulfilling experience of life somewhere out there but you aren’t sure of how to tune into it, Becoming Abundance is for you. Deciding to enroll in the program is similar to other life-changing decisions - there is usually an intuitive sense of being drawn towards it, a feeling of ‘rightness’ that speaks to you on a deeper level. Trusting this intuition is difficult - your rational mind might raise all kinds of doubts and fears, and since we are dealing with Abundance, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you worry about making the financial commitment. All of this is fine! You are allowed to have concerns and it’s wise to be careful about how you commit your time, money and energy. If you feel ready to enroll, trust your intuition. If you are seriously interested but need more information before committing, sign up for a free phone consultation. By the end of our conversation you will know if you are ready to make the leap.

When will I start to see a shift?

This program is absolutely focused on creating qualitative change - no one wants to spend time and money in order to remain in the same place they started in. I find that the best way to approach creating this change is with fluid and flexible ideas about what it will look like. One of the key obstacles to manifesting abundance is clinging to rigid expectations about outcomes. This is because what underlies these kinds of expectations is fear, and nothing repels abundance faster than fear. Most clients start to sense shifts taking place by the second or third session and the more you allow yourself to be surprised by the form these changes take, the more quickly and intensively they will transform you.

What is expected of me?

All you need to bring to our sessions is a sincere wish for positive change and a willingness to take an honest look at yourself. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes or failing - the program is designed to carry you to a place of greater abundance and, in a sense, all you have to do is show up for it to work. Showing up means honoring the commitment you have made to yourself and trying to engage with the experience, which is easy to do because it feels engaging and invigorating. Sameer’s approach is warm-hearted and humorous and quickly puts clients at ease.

How will the sessions work?

Each Becoming Abundance session is 90 minutes long, takes place over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime, and includes intuitive coaching and energetic healing. The session is organized around a fluid structure that adapts to your individual needs and concludes with practical action steps which create tangible, qualitative change.

Do I need prior experience with coaching or healing?

The Becoming Abundance program is anchored in a functional and down-to-earth approach to metaphysics, which means that even if you consider yourself a skeptic, you will still benefit from the process. You do not need to have any previous experience with coaching or metaphysics. As long as your mind is open, the sessions will speak for themselves. By the end of each session you will be in an expanded state that helps you to move closer to your goals.

How is Becoming Abundance different to other coaching methods?

Becoming Abundance is rooted in Sameer’s proprietary Transformance coaching method which combines different techniques to strengthen your body, heart and mind. Traditional coaching simply engages with your thoughts, and to some degree your emotions - Transformance integrates traditional coaching with energy healing, insight from the Tarot and other metaphysical tools to literally take you to a higher level. After each session you will feel positively affected in powerful ways that traditional coaching cannot offer. And on top of all that, the sessions can feel incredibly inspiring and heart-warming, offering a profound self-understanding.

What will I have gained by the end of the 12 weeks?

At the end of the 12 sessions you will be crystal clear about your vision of abundance and know how to transform your dream into a reality. You will understand the obstacles in your way and have overcome much of their limiting effects. You will feel empowered and confident about achieving your potential because of your new tools that keep you moving towards your goals. You will have planted the seeds of success and your efforts will already have begun to bear deeply satisfying fruit, making you optimistic about the future. Most importantly, you will feel a new sensation of deep inner abundance that opens up the experience of being alive in a way that you never could have imagined. And best of all, this is just the beginning. New horizons will continue to unfold before you as you continue on your journey.

What happens after the program is completed?

Abundance is infinite so it is natural to want to deepen your relationship to it. If you feel like you could benefit from additional support after completing the program, you have the option to become an ongoing client. Subsequent sessions make use of the same tools but follow a looser format based on your evolving needs. These sessions can follow a less regular rhythm, occurring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you need support with a new challenge.

“Becoming Abundance is rooted in Sameer’s proprietary Transformance coaching method which combines different techniques to strengthen your body, heart and mind.”
— Sameer Reddy