The Essence of Becoming Abundance

“We all wish for deep fulfillment but daily life leaves little room for us to pursue our most important goals. Think of the Becoming Abundance program as a sacred space in which your dreams can take root and begin to bear fruit - an experienced guide, a clear vision and dynamic, practical action steps come together to create the change you are searching for. If you are ready for it, a more vital and nourishing experience of Life awaits you.”

Program Outline

Identifying Obstacles

We all have things that stand between where we are and where we want to be. Identifying and working with them, rather than against them is the first step.

Finding fulfillment is a process and there are always going to be challenges along the way - how you face these obstacles is what makes all the difference. The first “Identifying Obstacles phase” will identify the core challenges in your quest for success and give you effective techniques to begin transcending them.  

Setting the Vision

We cannot find what we are searching for if we do not know what it looks like. Giving shape and form to your vision is the essential next step.

Once you have begun to release the limiting patterns of the past, a new horizon opens up in front of you. Navigating this unknown terrain can be intimidating which is why it is crucial to begin articulating a new vision of what you want to manifest.  In the second “Setting the Vision Phase” you will express and anchor into this new set of goals, nourishing a dynamic inner alignment with what you are really wishing for.

Surrendering to Manifestation

We think fulfillment is something to engineer, but we cannot imagine the kind of abundance we attract when we let go of control. Releasing fears and expectations in order to surrender to your dreams is the final step.

Making the jump from vision to reality requires a strong intention and steady discipline - this is where things start to get exciting! In the final “Surrendering to Manifestation Phase” you will learn how to attract fulfillment by birthing your vision through a series of simple, realistic goals that tangibly move you forward.

Payment and Pace of the program

In an effort to offer payment and pace options that suit a variety of lifestyles, we have different paces of the program and as well as monthly payment plans available.

The investment amount of the Becoming Abundance program is based on Sameer’s standard session rates and includes bonus material such as worksheets, action steps and tools to strengthen and maintain progress.

Over the past 7 years, Sameer has worked with hundreds of clients to create the change they have been seeking. To learn more about his process please have a look at the Press section of the website, along with Client Testimonials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or book a free consultation here.