General Tarotscope for the Week of April 14th


What if what we are searching for is already here, waiting to be received? It’s a revolutionary thought that turns our ideas about seeking upside down. Instead of struggling and straining to “make” something happen, we could simply open our hearts and allow it in. Instead of an endless slog, the work of repair could become a labor of love. This week try to put disappointments behind you by opening up to all that is Present. There is no need to keep looking over your shoulder or trying to see what’s next. You have closed the books on an outdated story and begun a new chapter, and the next six months offer an opportunity for a radical experience of centeredness the likes of which you have never seen. Where you go from there is up to you (truly, as far as you are willing to travel). For now, keep focusing on finding that still point of receptivity deep within and let it inform each decision you make. Try to hear what feels right, and if you aren’t sure, keep listening until it soaks in, all the way into your bones. When you feel it that deep, no doubt remains.