becoming abundance is a transformative dynamic-coaching program comprised of 12 phone sessions lasting 90 Minutes Each and divided into 3 separate phases:


Identifying Obstacles

We all have barriers that separate us from where we want to be. Identifying and working with them, rather than against them is the first step.


Setting the Vision

We cannot find what we are searching for if we do not know what it looks like. Giving shape and form to your vision is the essential next step.


Surrendering to Manifestation

We think it is all in our control, but we cannot even begin to imagine the abundance we can attract. Releasing fears and expectations to surrender to your dreams is the final step.

All phases consist of coaching, healing, and include a Manifestation Manual created by Sameer with action steps and tools to strengthen and maintain progress on your journey into greater abundance and fulfillment over the next 3 to 12 months.

Program Pricing and Pace Options

The Becoming Abundance Program is valued at $3,200 with 3 different pace options.


1 session per month over 12 months


1 session per 2 weeks over 6 months


1 session per week over 3 months

*We do have monthly payment plans available depending on the pace you choose.

Schedule a free consultation!

The best way to know if this program is right for you is to talk to Sameer directly. You can schedule a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about the program and understand more about how Sameer works.


Why work with me

“I coach clients from around the world as they manifest profound change. I help them to manifest businesses, financial prosperity, fulfilling relationships, and most importantly, to step into a deeper feeling of empowerment and self-love.”

In some ways it’s been hard to know what to say as what we do is so unique. It’s non-traditional therapy that combines the best of therapeutic treatment with spirituality and insightfulness that stretched beyond the boundaries of what I expected. What an amazing year...truthfully, I am not sure I would have made it without your help. 
— Keith Harman


About Sameer

“Sameer’s intention is to empower Becoming Abundance clients to transcend obstacles and start living a more satisfying life, rooted in a sense of both inner and outer abundance.”

Sameer’s approach is a balance of logical, emotional, and spiritual within a framework that is productive and forward moving. I was surprised to see how quickly things shifted! My own emotional intelligence and self-awareness evolves with every session. His guidance has been invaluable over the past couple of years in both my personal and professional life. In working with Sameer, I was able to identify my core talents and passions and architect a life that allows me to lean into those with less fear, more courage, and more abundance.
— Lindsay Jernigan